About EAA 690

EAA 690 is a Chapter of the Experimental Aircraft Association, located at Briscoe Field (LZU) in Lawrenceville, Georgia. A diverse chapter with over 250 members, we offer a wide range of aviation-related activities on a regular basis. While the Pancake Breakfast and our monthly meetings are the norm, we also are heavily involved in youth education through EAA’s Young Eagles program and our Aviation Explorer group, regularly conduct fly-ins, and host historical aircraft such as EAA’s B-17 “Aluminum Overcast”, the Ford Tri-Motor and Ron Alexander’s DC-3.

Our technical counselors are some of the best in the business, and willingly donate their time to homebuilders, as they progress through the various phases of constructing an aircraft. We have pilots with a wide variety of experience, from former airline and military pilots to general aviation pilots with a private certificate. “Hangar flying” is a fun part of the mix, and our facility is often used for aircraft annual inspections, meetings, special events, and training. We also have an extensive array of aviation tools for loan to members, and a library full of aviation information.

Come join us on the first Saturday of every month at the hangar to enjoy a $6 Pancake Breakfast, and to learn more about EAA 690.


  1. Robert Hughes


    I am Bob Hughes, retired electrical engineer and pilot, considering getting back into recreational flying. I live in Suwanee. Considering building a homebuilt , but no place to build one. Have considered one of the Sonex planes, particularly the Onex because it has folding wings and I can store in my garage.

    I would prefer to build a larger plane such as a Glassair but have heard that hanger space is unavailable nearby.Have located one that is 90% complete that I would like to finish since I am more interested in flying than building.

    I am not a member of EAA690, but used to belong to the organization about 30 years ago.

    My question is: Do any of your members know where hanger space is available. If I were a member of EAA690, would they consider renting me some space for my project?

    Lots of other questions, depending on the answers to the above.

    Look forward to your reply,
    Robert Hughes

  2. Jerry

    gbartel@aol.com I paid and joined eaa main and eaa 690 over 30 days ago have not got anything back from 690
    512 621 3729

    1. admin

      Have you received any communications from us at this point? Did you come to the Pancake Breakfast on the 14th?

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