Apr 05

Youth Group News

I wanted to share with our members a piece written by Adi Chackonal, a member of the EAA 690 Youth Build program.

Hello, my name is Adi Chackonal. my love for airplanes extends to when I was just a kid. My family and I travelled every year to various parts of the world. The method we used was of course the best: airplanes. Every flight is different and I learned something new each trip. Since i decided to pursue a career as an aeronautical engineer, I have set my future to meet the requirements. My first major step was joining the Flight Operations class at Maxwell High School. Although most of the students there would be in line to become a pilot, I took the course to learn about planes and aviation in general. It is with Maxwell that I came to know of EAA.

I have been involved with the EAA building program since its beginning. Hugh Colton was kind enough to share his idea to my Flight Operations class at Maxwell High School. I jumped at the opportunity because it parallels with my career goals as an aeronautical engineer. Since working with planes has always been a childhood dream of mine, when this opportunity to build one from scratch came up, I could not think twice. At the sessions, I have been exposed to many kinds of plane parts and tools that I have never heard of. For example, I feel like I am getting better at mixing epoxy to glue the parts together. The mentors have taught me how to use many new tools and handy tricks to make sure this plane comes out perfect. They have made everyone understand that building an airplane is delicate and time-consuming. I have learned to be patient and precise.

Hugh and the other mentors have truly helped me boost my knowledge of planes from ground up. I have learned the basic parts of planes to the most complex methods of putting it together. In addition, they have shared many ideas with me which will benefit me in my future. With the help of the program, i am more involved in the EAA community. From their delicious pancake breakfast to the young eagles program, my interest and knowledge on aviation have increased. The building project is a great help because of the various influences I’m surrounded by each session. Every mentor and volunteer knows something new that i would have never known. In addition, our relationship has increased. Even after i leave for college, i will not forget the men who got me to the point. When i am free, I hope to take some time to visit the hanger once in a while and help out with any current projects

Another great benefit of the building program is the hour of flight time that is received when 10 hours of volunteering is completed. This can put me ahead in aviation by building planes and earning my hours to fly them. After getting a degree in aeronautical engineering, i want to push my education to become a pilot and an Airframe and power plant mechanic. I would consider myself as a master aviator by being trained to do the three most important aspect of a plane. I can only contribute my success to the great work done by the mentors at the building project and the EAA chapter 690.


Mar 07


I’d like to tell you a story of true generosity. Back in the summer last year I was asked to meet with Larry and Laura Bishop. As many of you know Larry, Laura and family are fighting a battle with Larry’s Alzheimer’s. Larry and Laura are long time members of the EAA 690 family and the owners of Hangar #6, in our row, as well as a beautiful Aeronca that Larry had restored. In that meeting we spoke about finding a home for the Aeronca and it was stated that they also wanted to donate the hangar and its contents to the chapter.

We discussed several options for the Aeronca and settled on the museum at Candler Field, Peachstate Aerodrome. I put Laura in touch with Ron Alexander and the arrangements were worked out over the next few months. As far is the hangar and its contents, Steve Ashby began to work on papers for the donation. We also had the hangar appraised so we could make sure to have the proper paperwork in place. During this time we did begin to use the hangar for youth activities. In the last week we wrapped up and signed the paperwork to complete the donation.

I know many of you have many great memories with Larry and Laura and are certainly not surprised at this show of generosity by them. I have not been a part of the chapter long enough to have known Larry as well as many of you do. I know that you work to keep Larry active with the Tuesday lunch group and Silver Wings and for that we all are grateful. Due to Larry and Laura’s generosity EAA 690 now has a second home that we can use for our youth build program and RV-12 build as well as other projects going forward.   We also now have a Stinson project to work on. We will be working on plans for setting things up in the hangar and probably moving the tool room to hangar 6 as we move forward.The Bishop's Aeronca

Feb 15

Another EAA 690 Young Eagle Pursues Aviation

During the Summer of 2014 Dayton Palmer attended the EAA 690 Summer Camp as a part of the “Bravo” group.  Dayton has also been an active participant in our Young Eagle program.  We recently received an email from Teresa Palmer, Dayton’s mother.

Good evening, Jeanne—


I hope this finds you well.  First of all, I’d like to thank you for all that EAA 690 has done to further our son’s love for flying.  I wanted you to know that our son, Dayton Hyatt,  was recently accepted to flight programs at Middle Georgia State University and Auburn University in Alabama.  He has chosen to pursue  a degree in Professional Flight Management at Auburn University. My husband and I are so proud of him, and wanted to thank you for everything that EAA has done to help prepare him for a career in aviation. Your flight program had a great deal to do with introducing him to the aviation industry, and the summer camps were a wonderful introduction to the road—or skies—that lie ahead.  Thank you for the bottom of our hearts!

Please do not hesitate to contact Dayton should you need a young representative to sing your organization’s praises.  He realizes wholeheartedly the importance of giving back, and is ready to help out in any way possible.  We appreciate everything EAA 690 has done for him, and are so grateful in so many ways. Please share this e-mail with the pilots and other volunteers in your organization, and remind them that they are definitely making a difference in the lives of our youth, as you prepare them for careers in the aviation industry.


Thank you so much for everything!



Teresa and U’thai Palmer




Feb 01

Chilly Chili Fly-In

chiliTriple Tree Aviators would like to invite all aircraft and their pilots to come out Saturday February 13, 2016 for our third annual Chilly Chili Fly-In and Lunch.  Join us for lunch on the coldest flying day of the year and land on our 7000’ x 400’ grass strip. You must purchase lunch tickets online no later than Friday February 12, 2016 7:00 P.M. www.tripletreeaerodrome.com   Drive ins are welcome.  Please, no camping, this is a one day event, 9:00am till 5:00pm Lunch will be at 12:30 in the hangar (gas heat) rain or shine and includes:  Homemade Chili, Fresh Bread, Cheese, Jalapenos, Corn Chips and dessert.  Adults $20, 12 and under $10.  All proceeds go to Triple Tree Aerodrome. No landing fees or spectator fees

In the interest of keeping it simple when you land, please park on the east side of the runway in a single row.    There will be a shuttle bus to pick you up and take you to the hangar and patio for lunch. Fuel will not be available.


Jan 14

Flight Line

Flight Line SlempOur own John Slemp will have some of his work on display at the Aviation Community Cultural Center.  The opening reception is scheduled for Friday, January 22nd from 6:00pm – 9:00pm.  John is a great resource for our chapter and does some great work for us.  Let’s support him!!

Jan 14

Aviation Career Day

Aviation Career DayFor all interested youth. This is a great opportunity to learn about the many aviation careers available to you.  You should put this on your calendar to attend. Notice, you must respond by February 26 to save a spot.

Jan 05

Piet Progress 1/2/2016

We made great progress today and passed a great milestone. The left wing ribs and spars were connected.

Steven Agudelo, Carolyn Coppinger, Kyler Elliston, Jonathan Mesfn Fkreyesus, Alex Kirkland, Alex Straka and Derrick Williams did outstanding work on this phase. Mentors were Hugh Colton, Art Farmer, Duane Huff, John Post and Rick Mathisen.

Pictures coming soon.

Next week we will install the diagonals and compression members. See the diagram below.

Right Wing Top View

Great work everyone! The excitement is building as we see things coming together.

Our next session will be from 9 AM to 1 PM on January 9, 2016.


Youth work on left wing section

Youth work on left wing section

Jan 05

Reflections on 2015

I put this on our Face Book group page last Thursday.  It was suggested that I share it here also.

The end of the year is upon us. I thought I’d reflect a bit on 2015. It’s been a wonderful year for EAA 690. Our wonderful members have given us so many memories to be proud of.

This was our 35th Anniversary year and we had fun celebrating it. We had some wonderful pancake breakfasts and programs. Who can forget Robert Brough and his wife telling us the story of restoring his WWII Jeep. During Friday night meetings we tried the Summer Movie series and judging by the attendance it was a hit.

We hosted one of the Ford Tri-Motors from the EAA and had a wonderful weekend with many stories to tell. One of those was Steven Aquedelo having his very first logbook entry be right seat time in the Tri-Motor.

June saw another successful Summer Camp for the chapter with many chapter members volunteering for the week. The camp continues to be a bright spot for the chapter and we have Debi Huffman to thank for that. Debi’s dedication provided the impetus to get the camp off the ground and her guidance helped grow through the years. The camp proceeds allowed us to help two young men attend Air Academy in Oshkosh.

Speaking of Oshkosh, how about our Jeanne Ferguson being selected as the Ground Support volunteer of the year for Young Eagles. It was so wonderful to watch Jeanne receive her award and of course that kiss with Sean D. Tucker was worth everything to her.

September was supposed to be a DC-3 weekend event. Mother nature had other ideas and moved us into November. We did have wonderful fish fry on that September weekend as we celebrated the 35th Anniversary. Our amazing kitchen crew did another marvelous job putting together a wonderful meal that was followed by some great entertainment from the Pin Up Dolls. When November came we had a great Saturday event and enjoyed watching Ron Alexander’s beautiful plane.

We had a couple of special dinner events during the year. One was our annual Chili Cook Off and once again we had plenty of entries to choose from. For something new we tried a pasta dinner night where members brought their favorite pasta dish. At both events we held aviation trivia contests emceed by our own Brian Michael.

This year saw the beginning of our youth program. In March we began a ground school class for young adults led by Mike Burns. He has had a group of regular attendees and they keep Mike at the top of his game with their questions.

In September we put together a group of mentors and began a building program working on an Ultra-Lite Pietenpol down in hangar 6. Thanks so much to Larry Bishop for allowing us to use his hangar for this project. This started as an every other Saturday program and quickly turned into an every week program. Jerry Fischer headed up the mentor group and we thank all those participating.

As we move into 2016 we look forward to our latest project. We will be building a Vans RV-12 that when completed will be placed in the Hangar 6 Flying Club for use by members. We were blessed to have an anonymous member of the chapter offer to match donations up to $2,000 made until the end of the year. The Board of Directors voted to also match that amount. We began taking donations and quickly reached the magic $2,000 mark. We currently sit at $8,425 and will be ordering the empennage kit after the beginning of the year. Brian Michael has agreed to help get us started and Jerry Fischer we help lead this project as he transitions away from the youth build group. Rick Mathisen assisted by Hugh Colton will take over the lead of the build program.

Of course our Young Eagle program continues to shine under the leadership of Duane Huff and assisted by Wes Riddick and ground activities coordinated by Jeanne Ferguson. It is such a thrill to see all the volunteers get their certificates at the annual Christmas party. The coming year should be great.

Unfortunately we lost some members and friends, Lnor Levine, Patrick Leithead, Ernie Schnaak, Dave Henderson and Billy Bryant, during the year and we will miss them dearly.

I cannot tell you how much I look forward to 2016 and all that lies ahead for our chapter as we continue these programs. We have so much to accomplish and so many things going on. If you are not involved fully, it is time to dive in. I’d love to hear your memories are of 2015 and any ideas you have for 2016.

Happy New Year everyone!!!

Dec 28

The Pietenpol Takes Shape

After months of sanding and prepping the Pietenpol is beginning to take shape.  Two of our young adult builders, Jonathan Mesfn and Alex Kirkland came to work with Mentors Duane Huff, Jerry Fischer, Rick Mathisen, Art Farmer and Hugh Colton.  My many thanks and appreciation goes out to these guys for taking the time to work with our young adult builders and guide them through the building process.

If you know of a young adult age 14 and up that wishes to be a part of this program please have them contact any Board member or any of the Mentors.  If you would like to be a Mentor, please contact any of the Mentors or just show up on a scheduled build day at Hangar #6.


Peit-122615-91-300x169 Peit-122615-2-300x169 Peit-122615-3-300x169 Peit-122615-7-300x169 Peit-122615-13-300x169 Peit-122615-14-300x169

Dec 24

Youth Build Program Going Strong

Carolyn Coppinger beveling the spar (better known as planing the plane!)

Carolyn Coppinger beveling the spar (better known as planing the plane!)


Della Pennachi stapling under the watchful eye of Joel Levine

Some of the youth in the build program asked to meet during the week since they are out of school for the holidays. Mentors, Rick Mathisen, Art Farmer, Joel Levine and Jerry Fischer came out Wednesday, December 23rd to work with Carolyn Coppinger, Alex Straka, Della Pennachi and Julian Pennachi as some good progress was made on the Piet.

Coming weeks should see the wing start to come together. If you are interested in participating as an adult mentor, just show up on one of the scheduled dates and join the fun. If you are a youth, age 14 and up, we would love to have you join our program. Not only will you learn valuable construction skills but you will earn credits toward flight training.

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