Young Eagle Rally

July 15, 2017 @ 8:30 am
EAA 690 Chapter Hangar

Come join us for our monthly Young Eagle Rally.  If your child is 8 -17 come on out and let one of our pilots take them on a free flight.  A parent or guardian must be present to fill out and sign the application.


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  1. Chris Eberhart

    Joy and I are attending and would like to help

    1. admin

      Look forward to seeing you and having your help!!

  2. David Lincoln

    I have a Mooney and I’ll plan on helping to fly the kids. It’s my first Young Eagles event.

    1. admin

      Great news David. I’ve added the event to our Chapter Events page and you can RSVP for the Young Eagle Rally. If you have not filled out a pilot form, we will need your insurance info and national EAA member number.

  3. David Lincoln

    Where do I find the Pilot Form to fill out?

    1. admin

      We will provide it when you come on Saturday.

  4. Maddie Hale

    Is this where I sign up for ground crew tomorrow? If it is, I’m in.

    1. admin

      Can you do the RSVP

  5. Frode Sletten

    I plan on volunteering to help as ground crew.

    1. admin

      Please click on the RSVP Now! button and complete the form.

      1. admin

        Go to Chapter Events Page and scroll down and click on RSVP Now! button

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