Aug 16

RV-12 Financial Update

The fuselage for the RV-12 is moving along quite well and it will not be long before we are ready to order the wing kit.  We conceived this idea of building the RV-12 last November and the empennage kit was shipped the latter part of January.  In less than eight months we have made significant progress on the airframe.  The idea was to build an LSA so that members of the chapter and others that would join the Hangar 6 Flying Club would have an LSA alternative.  The upcoming changes in the 3rd Class Medical may cause some to go back to certified aircraft, but the RV-12 is still a great alternative for those looking to continue their aviation experience.

We knew going into this that it would be a great challenge to raise the funds to complete this build, but I have always had faith we would make it happen and I still believe that.  No doubt the heaviest part of the task is still to be completed.  We currently have $2,768.84 in the RV-12 fund.  The wing kit with shipping will total approximately $6,700 and if we want to have lights on the airplane the lighting option kit is an additional $1,650.  Short term we need to raise and additional $4,000 at a minimum to keep this moving forward.  Don’t forget that your donation to the chapter for this project is tax deductible. You can donate by bringing a check to any chapter event or by credit card online at www.mkt.com.eaa690 or at any chapter event.

We are also in need of additional bodies to work on the project.  We have several regulars that have been working most Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.  Gordon Fowlkes has offered to lead some week night sessions for those that work during the day and still want to get the experience of working on this plane.  There is so much to be learned from taking part in the building of this airplane.  I hope that many of you will still take advantage of this opportunity and find a way to fit it in your busy schedules.

Let’s keep this moving forward.


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