Dec 20

We’re Going to Build an RV-12!

A couple of weeks ago we made a decision to build an RV-12 as a chapter project..  We had an anonymous chapter member offer to match up to a total of $2,000 dollars in donations made to the chapter.  The Board voted to also match up to $2,000.  We have reached that amount and surpassed it as of this weekend.  We currently sit at $6,750 in donations including the matches.  We will be ordering the empennage kit after New Years and gearing up to begin building.  Brian Michael has agreed to give us some instruction and help to get things rolling.

Now we have a new goal to achieve.  It will take $27,000 to build the airframe, including options except for pre-built fuel tanks.  I’ve updated the goal chart to show this new amount.  We’ll have some time get there and suspect we will.  Once the airframe is complete we will still have avionics and the engine to purchase.  I’m looking to seeing this project beginning and move toward completion.  I would like to see as many members as possible involved in this project.




  1. Chris Eberhart

    What is the status of the RV-12?

    1. admin

      RV-12 is going strong. Finishing kit should arrive soon and the wings are about 90% complete. We have a big challenge ahead in raising the funds for the avionics and engine kits, which total about $43k.

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